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The Purdy Family

A Legacy of Sustainable Oyster Farmers

“Sustainably grown and naturally delicious shellfish.” Bay Enterprises Limited, founded in 1974, is owned by the Purdy family, who began growing oysters in Malagash, Nova Scotia in 1867 and received own leases in 1899.
The Purdy family believes in the sustainable production of oysters and quahogs using traditional and modern methods that protect the ecology of the area and provide a safe, nutritious and delicious product.
Our Tatamagouche Bay, Tata, and Malagash Oysters are available throughout Canada, internationally and at our store in Malagash. Come see our new informational center and our on site gift shop.

Malagash Choice


Malagash Basin oysters have a briny taste that can only come from being naturally raised in the pristine waters of the Malagash Basin. Salt water from a protected salt water marsh flows into our farm, creating an extremely ideal growing environment; perfect for organic farming. Our oysters are filled with flavor.


Choice Oysters

  • Malagash Bistro Thrum
  • Malagash Bistro Thrumcap
  • Malagash Fox Island
  • Malagash Shipyard


Standard Oysters

  • Tatamagouche Small
  • Tatamagouche Medium
  • Tatamagouche Large
  • BBQ Beauties